May 25, 2021

In the context of growing technology and the current complexity of the Covid-19 pandemic, individuals and businesses tend to conduct transactions online. In several countries, online dispute resolution (ODR) has been promptly and efficiently applied, including online mediation. This is an online format (application of technology solutions) to part or all of the mediation process without affecting the essence of the mediation. In other words, online mediation can be understood as an integrated process between human factors and technological ones. With outstanding advantages, commercial mediation easily absorbs the advances of science and technology to better meet the needs of the community, an "enhanced users’ experience of mediation”.

VMC of VIAC launched the MedUp online mediation platform on 1st April 2021. Med (Mediation) and Up (Upload) mean bringing the traditional mediation process online, opening up an opportunity for a friendly and efficient dispute resolution. Besides serving traditional commercial disputes, MedUp is expected to provide technology solutions to meet and promote the need to resolve business-to-consumer (B2C) disputes, including credit disputes and e-commerce disputes, especially in the current Covid-19 context.

Using MedUp, mediation time is shortened and mediation cost is reduced for the parties since the process is fully automated, bringing maximum effects for parties in dispute.

6 basic steps to conduct online mediation with MedUp are:

  • Step 1: The Requesting Party establishes an account, fills in the information and pays the registration fee for mediation.
  • Step 2: The Requested Party receives the request, sets up an account, fills in the information and accepts mediation.
  • Step 3: Mediator is appointed.
  • Step 4: The parties pay the mediation fee.
  • Step 5: The parties and the mediator schedule and agree on a mediation session date.
  • Step 6: The parties and the mediator hold the mediation session and, draft and sign the Mediated Settlement Agreement.

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