List of Mediators


Viet Nam International Arbitration Centre panel of arbitrators includes domestic legal experts, international arbitrators, in addition to industry specialists. This broad array of diversity showcased on our panel directly facilitates the flexibility and efficiency of VIAC arbitration; arbitrators are appointed by, or on behalf of, the joint nomination of the Parties.

NAME Profession Scope of Activities Languages
VU THU HANG Director/ Managing Partner – Lien Ket Thanh Danh Law Firm M&A, Stock, Investment English, Vietnamese
LE HONG HANH Chief Director, Law & Development journal; Director of Institute of ASEAN Law and Economics Enterprise , Intellectual Property, International contracts French, Russian, English, Vietnamese
PHAM THI THANH HUYEN Senior Expert in Finance, International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank Group (WBG) Finace and Banking English, Vietnamese
NGO KHAC LE Consultant, Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA) Marine Insurance, Shipping, Arbitration , International Commercial Law, Import and Export English, Vietnamese
TRAN DU LICH Former Principal of HCMC Institute of Economy Economic, Finace and Banking Russian, English, Vietnamese
NGUYEN DUY LINH Partner, Vietnam International Law Firm (VILAF – Hong Duc) Branch of Hanoi Consumer protection law, Enterprise , Settlement of disputes English, Vietnamese
PHUNG DAC LOC PR Manager - Dai-ichi Vietnam Insurance English, Vietnamese
DUONG THANH MAI Former Head | Institute of Legal Science, Ministry of Justice Settlement of disputes, Law Russian, English, Vietnamese
TRAN VAN NAM Dean of Faculty of Law, National Economics University (NEU) Intellectual Property, Trading, Insurance English, Vietnamese
NGUYEN TRUNG NAM Managing Director - EPLegal Ltd, Vietnam Arbitration , Settlement of disputes, Law Mandarin, English, Vietnamese
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